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Our Response to Floods

AWARD team is very well trained in emergencies and has been a part of several trainings related to emergency situations conducted by national and international training institutes. The trainings are as follows:

  1. Training on “Disaster Risk Reduction” (DRR) by RedR UK (Islamabad, Pakistan).

  2. Training on “HAP standards” by SPO (Hyderabad, Pakistan)

  3. Training on “Child Protection in Emergency” by Save the Children UK (Bangkok, Thailand). 

Flood 2022

AWARD has initiated its ground work in Taunsa Shareef (Disrict Dera Ghazi Khan) and will be helping 300 families by providing them food and non food items for minimum 15 days. Keep checking to know more about our response.  

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 Flood 2010:

 In Flood 2010, AWARD again worked for the flood affected people and distributed Food and Non Food Items to 10,051 people of District Faisalabad and Muzzafargarh (Punjab) and Mansehra (KPK) in a well-planned and systematic way. After the flood AWARD initiated 3 RE-habilitation programs, one in District Mansehra and 2 in District Muzzafargarh. The details are:


  1. In Mansehra, a 3 year project (2011-2013) was implemented with the title “Poverty Alleviation Program for the Flood Affected Women of KPK. The direct beneficiaries were 960 young girls and women in 16 flood affected areas. The interventions of the project were: 16 Vocational trainings centers (one in each area), income generation skills, monthly educational sessions on women rights and women related issues and marketing skills for the trained vocational centers girls and skilled women of AWARD women groups of each project area. The project also underwent a successful Third Party Evaluation. 

  2. In Tehsil Kot Addu of District Muzzafargarh, 18 months project was implemented with 200 women as a Re-habilitation initiative in 8 project areas. The interventions were: Distribution of 400 goats (2 goats per beneficiary), saving groups for beneficiaries and monthly Education Program for them on women rights and other women related issues. 

  3. In Tehsil Kot Addu of District Muzzafargarh, a 2 year Re-habilitation project was also implemented with 960 young girls and women. The interventions were 16 Vocational training centers, micro-credit to start small businesses for 160 women, trainings to women beneficiaries and Local Development Committees (LDC’s) on Women Rights, DRR, and SODIS method to purify drinking water and Reproductive health.

Flood 2015

In Flood 2015, AWARD worked to provide relief to the flood affected people and distributed Food and Non Food Items to 500 families of District Muzaffargarh (Punjab) in a systematic manner. After the flood AWARD initiated the survey and distributed in 4 flood struck areas of District Muzaffargarh.

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Flood 2020

During Flood 2020, AWARD helped 250 flood affected victims of the riverine communities of  Athara Hazari (District Jhang) and District Layyah and provided the food and non-food items.  Pictures of relief activities are attached for your information.

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